About Us

Both secondary school students and primary school students typically have to tackle with a bulk of homework after school. When students face difficulties, school teachers cannot provide assistant remotely. On the other hand, the tuition fee of post-secondary school education amounts to quite a lot, pushing the university students to seek part-time jobs in order to ease the burden. Being private tutors is a popular job option for them, but it may be difficult without a proper medium.

Features of Instalearn


Instalearn creates a platform for tutors and students. Using any device with Internet connection, students could post their qustions and tutors could provide answers. Not only does it allow students to learn more effectively, but it also encourges the spirit of "passing on" - university students act as the seniors to pass on their knowledge to the juniors, which could not be accomplished in schools.


Instalearn provides convenient registion and payment procedure, allowing users to raise question instantly and get respond without delay.


Instalearn puts high standard on tutors. Tutors must demonstate excellent academic performance in order to be recruited. Instalearn closely monitor the tutors to ensure quality of the answers provided.